Building on What Makes Minecraft Epic

We love Minecraft if you couldn’t tell… I mean it would be a bit odd building out a network for a game we hate. For our Survival server we’re sitting down and thinking if we worked at Mojang, what would we add to the game. Our survival server should have additions that you feel fit within the game

Smithing & Blocks

We have lots of plans for Survival, but the first change we want to make is a smithing system. We’ve changed the GUI of the tool forge to now allow you to modify your own tools. Tools now have three modify slots. Different items can be placed here to add new effects to the tools. Some are good, some are bad, it’s down to you to work out what works. Alongside this, over 70 new blocks are being added, new tools like hammers, and all function blocks like our Valt, Market, and Bank. 


Along with custom stuff, we also want to improve the SMP experience. With advanced claiming system, anti-cheat, help GUIs, and events.

All New Worlds

Sadly not at launch, but Survival will also have an all-new dimension call the Ether. Here you’ll find all new mobs, ores, trees, biomes, and materials that all fit perfectly into Minecraft

Removing Clunk

Knowing the right command, what to put on your sell sign, or how to even claim land can be a pain. Everything in Survival will have its own fancy GUI. From the markets to claiming land help. All of these GUIs will fit smoothly into the game, keeping things much more beginner friendly. If you know what you’re doing, commands are still there for you to use.