Paypal (Direct)

Support Us

As the network isn’t open yet, we didn’t like the idea of asking for cash, however, the truth is servers cost money to run. So we’ve settled for a compromise, we’ve put this page on our site, and if people happen to find it and push money our way amazing! Thank you for your kind generosity.


If you’re so kind as to put some of your hard-earned money our way, we want to give you something as a reward. Paypal will give not rewards, it’s just direct payment, but everyone on our Patreon will get a fancy in-game rank when the network is live, there will be no other way to get this rank. Patreon subscribers will also get news posts before anyone else, be shown unique previews of the server, and a role in our Discord server.

Spread The Word

If you like the idea of the project, and still want o support us, but don’t have time or money. You can help us out, just be spreading the word about BeyondMC and what we’re building here.