We all play prison for one reason. The satisfying mining of blocks, and grind to get better gear. BeyondMC Prison will expand all the things you already love about prison.

Diggy, Diggy, Hole

A super-fast pickaxe is cool, but what about a Hammer, drill, or even a bomb. Our Prison server will come with a host of satisfying tools and upgrades for you to play with.


The hub world of prison is packed with NPCs for you to chat to. These NPCs guide you over the server, give you goals, and event a little story. Giving a real purpose to our prison server.

Upgrade Your Life

When joining our Prison server you’ll be given your very own plot of land. It starts off with a basic tent, but over time you can upgrade your home into a fancy house and even make your own edits. Every home upgrade will come with new crafting stations, allow you to craft and build new items with your gathered materials.

All The Ores

Prison adds and a boat load of new ores and materials for you to collect. All of these new blocks and items fit right into the game.

Not Just Mines

Ever wanted to mine away a servers spawn, or blow up a server building? Well, now you can. Our prison server won’t just have normal prisons mines in them, but also allow you to destroy copies of our hubs, spawns, and other buildings. Let out your inner griefer.