The Next Generation of MMO For Minecraft

Kingdoms is our biggest and most ambitious project on the network. It is a true MMORPG server built for Minecraft. It’s taken 3 years of planning, building, and development… but with an amazing 30+ people working on this huge project, it’s starting to take shape. With a beta planned before the end of 2021.

Dynamic World

Kingdoms has a huge focus around quests and stories. The world of Kingdoms is rich with characters and lore for you to discover, with your actions helping to shape the world. That town you didn’t save, or the village you help rebuild, will dynamically change the map and the stories you have access to you. In Kingdoms you can truly go your own path.  

A True Adventure

The world of Kingdoms is dived into regions. These regions have their own themes, stories, and secrets to explore. No one region looks the same, giving you new amazing places to checkout as you move throughout the world of Kingdoms.

Hone Your Craft

Minecraft is all about crafting, and that has been fully carried into Kingdoms. Every tree you find, every plant you see, every ore you discover can be collected and used to craft your next item. Kingdoms rather than just having you find new tools and items in the world, will see you collecting the resources you need and craft them. Kingdoms use its own built from the ground up crafting system and all-new materials we’ve added into the game to keep crafting fun.

Build Your Own Loadout

Rather than locking you into classes, forcing you to restart if you want to change your gameplay style, Kingdoms will allow you to build your loadout how you want. Abilities will be tied to weapons and armour rather than character class. Allowing you to change your playstyle whenever you like.  

Dive Those Dungeons

Every region will have at least one dungeon. Like all of Kingdoms, these dungeons play home to our new custom enemies alongside bosses for you to take on. Every boss has its own unique move set for you to learn and counter. Dungeons will also have their own loot sets, allowing you to grind them for blueprints to craft amazing new tools and weapons. 

Build Your Own Kingdom

One of the regions in Kingdoms will allow you to build your very own Kingdom. Here you can make your own homes, build your own markers, and craft your own stories. Owning a Kingdoms will allow you to control your own NPCs, getting them to mine, build, and craft for you. Should you wish, you can go to war with other peoples Kingdoms of battle it out with NPC Kingdoms. 

PvP or PvE

Not all of Kingdoms is PvE based, should you wish, you can also dive into some PvP. Take part in battles to control Kingdoms, and forts, and make your faction the most powerful on the servers.