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Help With BeyondMC

If you like the look of BeyondMC, and want to help out, please apply for one of our teams. We’re currently looking for Writer, Build, Art, and Dev team members.

Be Part of A Team

BeyondMC now has over 50 people working on the project, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need you. We’re always looking for talent to join our team. The BeyondMC Team is that, a team. It’s a well structured, friendly, and an amazing place to use your creativity.

As part of the BeyondMC team, you’re not just following other peoples ideas, you can help forge them. You have creative control with your builds, art, and quests.

Show The World Your Work

Everyone on our team is free to post their work to social media, their portfolio, or even make videos. The only thing we ask, is you run it by us first, so as not to spoil any plot points we would rather keep hidden.

We also give you full credit for any work you add to the project. We want to make sure we highlight all the amazing people that have made BeyondMC posible.

Perks of Helping

Everyone who helped with BeyondMC will get a unique Team rank on the server. You keep this role forever, and it can’t be got any other way.

You get full credit for all your work on our team page, and in-game

Something you can use on your CV/Resume. This might sound a bit silly, but it is true. Please contact us for more info.