Kingdoms Showcase – December 2021

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Welcome to another edition of the Kingdoms Showcase article, the only article you need to keep up with all information about BeyondMC: Kingdoms!

Can you believe that it’s already January 1st 2022? A brand new year but that means a whole year of potential for Kingdoms. A year of excitement and opportunity. 12 more showcase articles; can’t wait.

As comes the tradition of change with every new year, Kingdoms Showcase is no exception. We plan to make this article more about us. To not just show off pretty pictures, but to show our drive and our passion for this project. To show you that it is in good hands.

As promised in November’s edition, this article will be longer than the average length of our articles. We want to cover the year of Kingdoms as a whole. Showing off how old areas have changed, adapted, and transformed to become the greatest they can be.

We want to show how our little MMORPG project has become yours.

So It Begins…

We’ll start where all good stories branch from, the beginning.

Whilst we may have started our Kingdoms Showcase fiesta back in September of 2021, that isn’t the truest root of this project.

Kingdoms started as a little side project of a bigger network called BeyondMC. A small edition to what would become a marvel in Minecraft mechanical creations. It didn’t remain small for long. Your support, interest, and contribution watered the project and cultivated it into something much greater.

Kingdoms is now the shining jewel of BeyondMC and we wouldn’t have it any other way. From the beginning, we’ve always tried to improve on ourselves. To create the best content we can in order to create the best content for you to enjoy. We hope that this article proves to you that we never shy away from a challenge or take the easy route. Where’s the fun in that?

Origins of The Showcase

Before the dazzling Kingdoms Showcase you see before you, our article was a little different.

It all started on a gorgeous day with not a cloud in sight when suddenly, descending from above, came the What’s Happening In Kingdoms article set. I don’t think it was as dramatic as that, but we did have a pseudo version of what you see today.

The whole purpose of this article chain was not to gain publicity or inform our community but for our team. We wanted a resource to show off the contributions our team has made (much like right now). It served as a way to show off what each individual team member produced but also to keep everyone in the loop.

It just goes to show how one idea can grow into another and become better than ever before.

From what I’m sure are very honest comments from the team, it was a real hit!

Aren’t We Chatty

Kingdoms has always been a bit of a shy child but no more!

Over the last month, Kingdoms has opened up to the world and made itself known. We want to grow our community and our project and what better way to do that than to yell it from the rooftops.

Make sure to check out our social pages as we post unique and exclusive content to each and every one of them. Perfect for those who just can’t wait for the 1st of every month for their dose of Kingdoms content.

We have Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as our fabulous four. You may even see us around Reddit…

Upper, Lower, Rearwick?

Now, onto the new stuff.

Over the course of December, the team has been hard at work perfecting the city of Lerwick. A city of which there are three distinct sectors: Upper Lerwick, Lower Lerwick and finally, Rearwick.

You may be wondering why each sector is different. What surprises may they hold in store?

Upper Lerwick is full of the richest of the rich. A place of wealth that has aged well. Like a fine cheese, some residents might say. Unfortunately, the Upper Lerwickians have developed a degrading look at those financially lower down than them. So much so that they built their less than humble abodes upon on a plateau. Talk about rude.

Lower Lerwick, I have to admit, is not the best place for a lovely stroll. It’s full of hardy people who feel betrayed by the sheer ignorance the Upper Lerwickians impose upon them. Their harsh living standards have taught them how to finish a job well.

Finally onto Rearwick. As the name suggests, Rearwick is positioned on the rear of Lerwick. Stroke of creative genius right there. Rearwick is the port of Lerwick. It is the industrial hub of the city harbouring a large number of warehouses, a busting fish trade as well as a prosperous stilted community.

New and Newer

Fitting with the theme of always improving, we’ve got a whole host of brand new custom blocks and models to show off to you.

As I’m sure you know by now, BeyondMC: Kingdoms create all the art and development behind our custom blocks and models. Each one you see shows the hard work we put in every single day.

We’re really proud of our custom blocks and models as they fit in with the theme of Minecraft whilst still giving that spark of BeyondMC that we’ve always desired.

It allows us to be one step closer to creating our world.

Developing Dungeons

Our dungeon system is something we take great pride in. We want them to be special, unique, and interesting. What’s more unique than procedurally generating dungeons?

We’ve talked about our dungeons a lot here at BeyondMC but now it’s time to show off a little bit of some of the environments you might come across. Who will know though as each experience will be unique?

Dungeons will feature custom monsters, unique loot and a blueprint reward after killing each boss creating hours of content to explore.

Each dungeon and mob set will also feature a theme alongside it. You may have seen some of our mob concept art found on our Twitter page.

Final Notes

2021 has been a great year for Kingdoms and we hope 2022 to be an even better one.

We’ve made countless regions, limitless items, hundreds of blocks, bucketloads of quests and numerous textures. The content that the team has made this last year has been a small slice of what Kingdoms has to offer.

We really look forward to showing you more in January’s edition releasing on the 1st of February 2022.

We couldn’t have gotten this far without your interest and contributions especially with all the work the team has put in.


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