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by | Dec 11, 2021 | Discord Posts, Kingdoms Showcase

It’s not the 1st of the month! You’d be right in saying that. The reason why we’re doing a post now is that we have so much content to show that we just can’t keep it to our 1 monthly post.

In these update posts we’ll focus on key areas and how they’ve changed, updated, or grown. In this article, we’ll be talking about the improvements in our map and terrain.

Our terrain is extremely important. It is the foundation for all our builds as well as the world that you will explore. That’s why we want to get it right. Below I’ll talk about each of our regions and the terrain that companies each. First, I’ll explain a little bit about the project to anyone who might not know.

Kingdoms is a server within BeyondMC. It is packed full of custom buildings, quests, and art. Not to forget the custom systems made by our development team. We provide a unique MMORPG experience focused on building your character in whatever way you want it to be. No restrictions apart from those that you impose upon yourself.

Each part of Kingdoms has been handcrafted to give you, the player, the most enjoyable experience. Be this our hand-built cities, expertly crafted quests, our sculpted art, or meticulous development.

Kingdoms has been made for you and will always be so. We want to ensure that we provide the same amazing content of modded but without the clunk. That is the message of BeyondMC – keeping things feeling like they belong in Minecraft; like they always should.

Haven’s Retreat

We’ve been hard at work perfecting our terrain and Haven’s Retreat is a brilliant example of that.

Haven’s Retreat is a small pirate island within the region of Navi. It is the first place you go after your adventures on Navi Isle. Haven’s Retreat is full of pirates, smugglers and other ‘unsavoury’, characters. Within this island, there are two main settlements: Old Port and Dartway.

Old Port is more of a friendly town with people so drunk they can’t tell friend from foe. Dartway, on the other hand, is less of a welcoming hotspot…


Moving onto our next region, Yendaria. The first of our major regions, Yendaria is the first region where you come across our main questline.

Yendaria is a region of rolling plateaus, dense forests, hills, mountains, and more. It also may hold a touch of darkness within its borders…

Yendaria is home is to two of our main settlements: Hogsfeet and Lerwick.

Hogsfeet is your typical medieval town full of squalor, ale, and the odd bit of superstition. Lerwick, on the other hand, is a place of wealth, at least for those who can afford it. Lerwick imposes a physical tough class divide between its rich and less wealthy residents.


Sakarya is the next region on our list.

Sakarya is our oriental style region. It comes packed with mountains, lakes, ponds, giant trees, hills, and more! Sakarya is a very diverse region in terms of the features it holds. Due to its mountain border with Yendaria, Sakarya even inherits some fleeting features of Yendaria as they try to pass through the rocky stronghold.

Within Sakarya, we have the towns of Jesu and Poju. Poju is a more rural settlement situated upon stilts within the marshland. Poju holds a level of wealth but does not spend it unlike the more militaristic state of Jesu.


Braan is our third region on the list. It is themed around the styles of nordic and dwarven.

Within Braan you’ll find a common frigid climate from its snowy plains to its towering mountains. Ice isn’t the only surface that covers the sheets of Braan. Within the centre of the region lies a lush dense forest where most animals return during the colder months.

Within Braan are our two settlements of Leria and Myrr. Both towns once treated each other as friends but now their communication remains severed. By what is for you to explore…

Although Braan is a land of forest, nature always finds a way.

Final Notes

Hopefully, you can see the effort that has gone into our regions both before and after their rework. We really want Kingdoms to be the best it can and so we’re always striving to improve.

Our improvement and progress go hand in hand and we’re really looking forward to showing you our world.

Did you also know we have a Twitter page? You can find updates and exclusive content right here!

If you want to see more from us, check out our previous Kingdoms Showcase article here! Make sure to look out for our December edition of Kingdoms Showcase, coming out on the 1st of January 2022!


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