Kingdoms Showcase – November 2021

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Such as all the other months, November’s edition is packed with a ton of exciting news and content for all you Kingdoms fans.

If you’re unsure about the Kingdoms project, I’ll briefly explain.

Kingdoms is a server within BeyondMC. It is packed full of custom buildings, quests, and art. Not to forget the custom systems made by our development team. We provide a unique MMORPG experience focused on building your character in whatever way you want it to be. No restrictions apart from those that you impose upon yourself.

Each part of Kingdoms has been handcrafted to give you, the player, the most enjoyable experience. Be this our hand-built cities, expertly crafted quests, our sculpted art, or meticulous development.

Kingdoms has been made for you and will always be so. We want to ensure that we provide the same amazing content of modded but without the clunk. That is the message of BeyondMC – keeping things feeling like they belong in Minecraft; like they always should.

BeyondMC Twitter Page

As some of you may know, BeyondMC now has an official Twitter page!

On this page, you can find a whole host of Kingdoms-related information including some exclusive Twitter-only content. We’re looking forward to showing even more content off over there so make sure you follow to keep in the loop!

You can find the link to our Twitter page right here!

Custom Entities

As you know (and probably saw from the image of this post), we have been expanding our custom entity systems. 

You can find a little more about our custom entities from our last month’s showcase found here!

To give you an overview, our custom entities will be dotted all over the world of Kingdoms. Be this simply out in the wild, in one of our rigorous storylines or our challenging yet entertaining dungeons. Our custom entities will not only dominate the battlefield but also the streets of your favourite towns. Do I spy a dwarf?

This month in regards to our custom entities, we’ve been going above and beyond. After getting that initial concept going, our understand and capabilities have sored. We’ve been getting into the bigger and better entities (sorry Goblin Grunt).

We’re really looking forward to showing you them in action sometime. We think they’ll be a blast (at least the pyromancers will).


Speaking of our entities, we’ll now talk about our dungeons.

As mentioned above, our entities will play a huge part in our dungeons system but what’s a dungeon without its layout? What’s a dungeon without its key elements? What’s a dungeon if it doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out? Well, our dungeons might not be as intense as that, but they will contain features that make them as exciting and dangerous as possible. 

Our main aim with our dungeons is that they’re fun. They are entertaining. They are unique. Have you ever wanted to forget a TV show simply to experience it for the first time all over again? Well, our dungeons will allow you to experience something new every, single, time. 

The way we do this you ask? Well, our dungeons procedurally generate every time you enter one. This means that even if you’re doing the same dungeon twice, it will always have a different shape. This allows you to explore areas that may have been blocked off the last time you traversed its’ depths. Our bosses will always remain but who knows what hidden treasure you might find? Just be careful not to get lost…

Every Good Story…

As mentioned in the last article (found here), we’re going to have a little chat about the main questline of Kingdoms. Don’t worry, no spoilers will be found here or anywhere else. We want our main questline to pack the same action-packed punch for every player. 

Our main quest line will flow through our 4 main quest regions. These being Yendaria, Sakarya, Braan, and finally, Oswin. Each region will have its part to play in our questline before all finally joining together in an epic climactic showdown. With whom you may ask? Time will tell but hopefully not as they signed our NDA…

The main questline of Kingdoms is filled with joy, happiness, and the odd bit of impending doom. 

Every good storyline has a strong plot to stand with and a super scary evil to fight. I would argue that our “evil”, breaks even the confinements of that definition. All I’ll say is I’d start saving your tears now. You’re going to need them… 

Final Notes

We hope you have become just as excited as we are for Kingdoms.

This is a project that we really have invested our all into and – I hope – that shows.

Keep an eye here and on the Discord for more posts, events, stage chats, streams, and more. Make sure you check back at the beginning of every month for a recap of the progress made in the last. Just like this article!

If you felt like you wanted to lend a hand to further the amazing progress being made on the Kingdoms project, you can find four roles that you can apply for – build, quest, art, and developer. You can find more about these roles as well as the application form here.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s progress showcase. If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know in the public BeyondMC Discord or in the comments section below.

These posts will come out on the first of every month so make sure you look forward to our December edition releasing on the 1st of January 2022!

As this would be our first article of the new year we plan to have a whole overview of progress made in 2021. Prepare for a long one… We hope you have all enjoyed the content put out this year from us. Here’s to continued and improved success!



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