Kingdoms Showcase – October 2021

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October is an extremely exciting month for us here in the Kingdoms project. We’ve been tinkering with all sorts of content ranging from entities to models.

If you’re unsure about the Kingdoms project, I’ll briefly explain.

Kingdoms is a server within BeyondMC. It is packed full of custom buildings, quests, and art. Not to forget the custom systems made by our development team. We provide a unique MMORPG experience focused on building your character in whatever way you want it to be. No restrictions apart from those that you impose upon yourself.

Each part of Kingdoms has been handcrafted to give you, the player, the most enjoyable experience. Be this our hand-built cities, expertly crafted quests, our sculpted art, or meticulous development.

Kingdoms has been made for you and will always be so. We want to ensure that we provide the same amazing content of modded but without the clunk. That is the message of BeyondMC – keeping things feeling like they belong in Minecraft; like they always should.

Custom Models

This month we’ve spent time implementing and embedding our custom models.

For Kingdoms, custom models are imperative for the goal we’re envisioning. We want to create a world of our making whilst still keeping to that comforting feel of Minecraft.

Our custom models certainly tick all of that.

Custom models tie into every aspect of Kingdoms, be these banners for our custom workstations, furniture for our dynamic upgrades, or for just adding that final touch to make our world your world.

You can find a little bit more about how our custom models work right here!

We’ve got custom models ranging in a number of different wood variants, wool colours, patterns, sizes, shapes, and more! We’ve made this so there is always something that people can link with. Always a choice. A way to decorate your world the way you see fit with no limits or restrictions. Such is the message of Kingdoms; make it your own.

Custom Entities

Another thing introduced to the Kingdoms world last month was the custom entities.

Below you can find two different variants of our goblin entity. This entity, custom added by us, may be small but is a big toast to what we can do. Now that we have this framework in place, we can stretch our interest and capabilities regarding custom entities even further.

As mentioned above, there are two variants of goblins. Whenever you go into a new region we want you to be fully immersed in all that it holds. This goes for our custom entities as well. We want them to change based on the location they are present in. A lot of games will just lump the same model in place whereas we want to go the small extra mile for that big impact.

We don’t simply just change the colour of the entities but we really think of how they physically (and mentally), would adapt to the environment they live in. Take our Frost Goblin on the right. As you can see from the image, they have fur clothing and have even adapted to grow fur behind the ears to keep themselves warm in a frigid climate.

A word of warning. Do not be fooled by their loveable appearance, no, these creatures will swarm your ankles in a matter of moments. A challenge for even the most experienced adventurers. Aside from the Goblin Brute…


In our last post (found here), we talked about the second of our three Minor Regions. In October’s article, we’re going to take a closer look at the first of our Minor Regions; Yendaria.

Yendaria is the first region you arrive in after the – mostly – friendly island region of Navi. It is the first opportunity to get stuck into a great deal of what Kingdoms has to offer. This relates to certain systems such as our guilds, greater complexity dungeons, and more.

Yendaria is the first place where you are introduced to our expertly crafted main questline. A piece that will attract adventures from far and wide. A tale destined for a great adventurer. Will that be you?

Aside from our main quest (which will be explored more in our November edition), Yendaria is host to two jolly medieval towns; Lerwick and Hogsfeet. Granted one is more jolly than the other (I’ll let you figure that out), but both provide that warm feeling that a new adventurer needs and craves. Until they don’t…

Yendaria takes on a more rural yet industrial frame of mind where crops and coal fuel the region (metaphorically and physically). Its towns are full of characters that we hope you all can get attached to and some that you may wish not to be too friendly with.

However, the artificial elements of Yendaria only show one side of the story. Yendaria is packed full of natural beauty be this its rolling plateaus, its abundance of marine shimming lakes, or its towering peaks. We want all our regions to be a pleasure to explore, not a chore. We want to embed this beauty into every corner of our world (even the goblin caves).

Final Notes

We hope you have become just as excited as we are for Kingdoms.

This is a project that we really have invested our all into and – I hope – that shows.

Keep an eye here and on the Discord for more posts, events, stage chats, streams, and more. Make sure you check back at the beginning of every month for a recap of the progress made in the last. Just like this article!

If you felt like you wanted to lend a hand to further the amazing progress being made on the Kingdoms project, you can find four roles that you can apply for – build, quest, art, and developer. You can find more about these roles as well as the application form here.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s progress showcase. If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know in the public BeyondMC Discord or in the comments section below.

These posts will come out on the first of every month so make sure you look forward to our November edition releasing on the 1st of December! We will cover more quest-based showcase material including a sneak peek into the story of Kingdoms.

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