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by | Oct 28, 2021 | Discord Posts, Kingdoms Showcase

Doesn’t time just fly by… It’s that time again where we dive into everything we’ve been doing this month.

For all those waiting on Kingdoms, Shad is now also doing a monthly post, that just focuses on the Kingdoms server. So make sure you’re on the lookout for that

Custom Models

We now have over 170 custom blocks and models in the game. Our amazing art team have been going at a turbo speed, cranking out new assets left, right, and centre.

Here is just a splattering of some of the custom models in the game. We’ve spoken about them before, and some here you might have even seen, but this month the custom models got a lot more complex.

Adding a new model into Minecraft isn’t simple. You have to make everything yourself, including the hitbox. Otherwise, you’ll spookily be able to walk through the object. This month, we got multiblock models and hitboxes working. It’s what allows for us to have the big billboard in the background, the logs and bookcases.

Something that also seems simple at first, is adding custom leaves to the game. Not so much. Let’s put this into an example. If you place a grass block on top of a dirt block, for performance reasons, the top of the dirt block will not be rendered. This works fine in normal gameplay, and Minecraft has added blocks that can be transparent. Sadly for us, we can’t make our own transparent blocks as Mojang can. Therefore, when adding in transparent blocks ourselves, it meant you can see right through the world. We’ve found a workaround and now can add our own transparent blocks to the game, like these leaves.

As I’m sure you know, in Minecraft you can apply blocks as hats. This allows us to also have our models as fancy hats. This will have a use later on down the line, but for now, I can wear our billboard as a hat.

Custom Mobs

Cracking progress in our custom mobs have also been made this week. I’ll let the images talk for themselves. (Image on the left is before, image on the right is now)

Awww, isn’t he cute? The Goblin here is a new mob added by us. It doesn’t replace any mob that’s already in the game. They have AI and can look at you like all other mobs. Only right now, they have a tendency to creepily glide at you backwards. As soon as we get that hashed out, I’ll show you some video footage of them in action.

Weapons and Tools

Tools and weapons are now in the game. Our staffs still don’t work, as we need some more systems in place to get those ready, but our muskets and pistols are working. We’ve also made progress on the smithing system and UI. However, at the moment its a lot of coloured blocks in a chest, so I’ll show you more of that, once our art team have had their way with it.

Map Improvements

This month, we’ve also been making improvements to our map. I made a blog post about it a few days ago, you can find it here Well, it turns out we just couldn’t stop, and we’ve made a feast of other improvements to locations on the map.

With the new banners, and models, doesn’t it look even fancier? I was going to show you the upgrades to the other side of Navi, but some fool got a dev block jammed in the way, and it can’t be removed until the server is patched. This is why we can’t have nice things. On a plus, we now have custom skins for our guards.

Other Work

We’ve also made some huge progress in the quests, lore, and story of Kingdoms, but showing that off in a blog post is a little tricky. I know Shad has some plans on how we can do it, so if you’re interested in the story, then keep an eye out for that. Other progress has been made in plans for how the network of BeyondMC will be set up. We want BeyondMC to be dynamic, allowing for it to never be full, and have systems should some wisecrack try and lag it out. All of this will be big complex work, but now the idea is there, it can begin. Other progress has been made in gameplay planning, with key systems being tweaked around and flashed out.

Final Note

Welp, that’s it from me for this month. Shad will drop a post in a few days covering some more of Kingdoms. Talking of Kingdoms, this months post was very focused on Kingdoms, but don’t worry if you’re waiting on our other servers, all the tech shown here today, is being used across the network. So progress here is progress everywhere.

Have an amazing month!



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