Kingdoms Showcase – September 2021

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Every month in the Kingdoms project is a big month and that doesn’t change for September. As usual, a huge deal of effort has been packed into our builds, quests, and artwork this month so please, read on and immerse yourself in all the content that makes Kingdoms.

If you’re unsure about the Kingdoms project, I’ll briefly explain.

Kingdoms is a server within BeyondMC. It is packed full of custom buildings, quests, and art. Not to forget the custom systems made by our development team. We provide a unique MMORPG experience focused on building your character in whatever way you want it to be. No restrictions apart from those that you impose upon yourself.

Each part of Kingdoms has been handcrafted to give you, the player, the most enjoyable experience. Be this our hand-built cities, expertly crafted quests, our sculpted art, or meticulous development.

Kingdoms has been made for you and will always be so. We want to ensure that we provide the same amazing content of modded but without the clunk. That is the message of BeyondMC – keeping things feeling like they belong in Minecraft; like they always should.

Navi Isle

In the team this month, we’ve had some amazing contributions. From towns to terrain: we’ve got it all.

This month we focused on overhauling our beloved spawn home, Navi Isle.

For those of you who don’t know, Navi Isle is the first place you see when you join the Kingdoms world. It is a small island out in the Rocking Sea which is known for its comforting waves for passing sailors.

Navi Isle is a dynamic town meaning that your choices and actions influence the physical world around you. Be this the buildings, decoration, NPCs, and more. We want Kingdoms to provide you with the chance to make your own decisions and shape the world around you. We don’t want you to feel locked in a world of our making but explore one shaped in your image.

This month we spent the time making that even better.

We added new buildings, a punch of prettiness and a dash of design. Navi Isle is looking better than ever. Not to mention introducing the ability to choose to first destroy the pirates who attacked the island or rebuild the village. Whichever option you pick, it will influence the world of Kingdoms and the story that you will tell.

Crafting, Blueprints and Dungeons

Every good MMORPG has something that is focused on either being PvP, role-play, exploration or – in the case of Kingdoms – crafting.

Honouring the base elements of Minecraft, Kingdoms will be focused around (you guessed it), mining and crafting. This, of course, has been expanded upon by our custom crafting systems. To name a few we have forging, alchemy, tanning, cooking, and a whole host more. Unlike vanilla Minecraft, our recipes are achieved in a slightly different way.

Dungeons will be an integral part of our crafting system. The final boss of each dungeon will allow you to gain a blueprint of one of our four rarities – common, rare, epic, or legendary. These blueprints will then allow you to craft either a weapon or a piece of armour. The only way to get all the blueprints for that set is by defeating the final boss or by trading with other players.

We won’t simply allow a level 1 to craft a top-tier legendary weapon on day one – no – our crafting system does have its balancing. Blueprints will be tied with certain requirements. This, for example, can be factors such as crafting level. Crafting your own story is something that is really incentivised in the Kingdoms project and the crafting system certainly pays homage to that.

In regards to the mining aspect of Minecraft, Kingdoms will have a number of materials that can be mined, gathered, and smelted. Some of these include new ores such as Mithril, Lead, and Platinum. Now all these new ores can be found in different locations across the map and mined accordingly. They may spawn in caves, geodes or the odd rare ravine.

You may be wondering, “what can I do with these?” Well, I’ll tell you.

Each material can be used to craft a number of custom weapons made by our development and art teams. Some of these include spears, battleaxes, staffs, bows, and more. We want players to have as many options open to them to pursue the gameplay they desire.

Each weapon will come with its own unique skill line allowing you to level up the weapon of your choice; not you as a player. We’re strictly against classes. We feel that they limit the experience and immersion of an MMORPG. We want our players to make a character that is personalised to them.

This is your world, we want you to feel at home.


This month we’ve been working on a brand new region for you to explore!

Whilst the whole world of Kingdoms is still being developed and crafted, we’re always working on new content.

Sakarya is the second of the three Minor Regions within the current Kingdoms world. The theme being oriental offering a vivid, striking, and breathtaking world.

Sakarya offers two settlements for the player to use as their hubs in the region. These being Jesu and Poju.

Jesu being the regal powerhouse of the region offering a bold and domineering hold. Jesu is the capital of the region offering a wide variety of crafting stations, merchants, housing, quests, and more whilst being host to a section of the elusive main quest.

Poju offers a more rural hold upon the region with its stilted housing and farming plateaus. Whilst Poju will not feature in the main quest, it will have its time in the limelight during Sakarya’s regional questline.

You can also expect a whole host of points of interest, dungeons, world bosses, mines, farms, lumber mills, vendors, and more! We pack our regions full of all sorts of interesting and exciting features just waiting for you to explore!

Final Notes

We hope you have become just as excited as we are for Kingdoms.

This is a project that we really have invested our all into and – I hope – that shows.

Keep an eye here and on the Discord for more posts, events, stage chats, streams, and more. Make sure you check back at the beginning of every month for a recap of the progress made in the last. Just like this article!

If you felt like you wanted to lend a hand to further the amazing progress being made on the Kingdoms project, you can find four roles that you can apply for – build, quest, art, and developer. You can find more about these roles as well as the application form here.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s progress showcase. If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know in the public BeyondMC Discord or in the comments section below.



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