(First Posted: 10/09/2021 – D/M/Y)It’s that time again, time for another BeyondMC monthly update. Well, I say that, but this should have gone out on the 27th of last month, I just totally forgot.


Everything is a work in progress still and plans shift. However, at the moment the first server you should see from us is our SMP server.

This server is a bit more on the classic side of servers. New stuff is there, but it’s more of a run of the mill server, over our big boi server Kingdoms. SMP is being built as, what if we worked at Mojang. What we add into the game.

First and foremost is a smithing system. We’ve fully redone the function of the Smithing Table. It can still do what its current purpose is, we’ve just also added to it.

All tools in the game now have slots. These slots can have modifiers added to them. Modifiers can change how the tool works. Some might make the mining speed faster, others might make it smelt on the spot, others might lean on the more crazy side of things. It’s down to you to work out the good and bad modifiers in the game. Modifiers can be new items, as well as current items in the game.

The smithing table has an all-new UI to work with the new smithing system. All work we’re doing on BeyondMC SMP should feel like it’s already part of the game, so all UIs need to fit with current ones, and not look like a chest with items.

We’re also adding hammers, a multi-tool gauntlet, backpacks, and 3 new function blocks. The Vault, Bank, and Market block. However, I’ll talk more about those in another post.

SMP will also have all the decoration blocks from Kingdoms craftable or obtainable in some way. Meaning you’ll get access to over 60 new blocks.


We have some more stuff to show off from Kingdoms this week. Kingdoms will have 7 new weapons added to the game:


-Battle Axe






Along with the Swords and Bows from Minecraft.

There will also be new materials to build these weapons from




-Meteoric Iron

-Void Metal

Some materials you’ll need to collect from the world, others you’ll need to cook up using alchemy.

Here is a small showcase of some of the new Battle Axes in-game

That’s all for this month, I’ll leave you with a few more images from Kingdoms.