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by | Oct 2, 2021 | Discord Posts

It’s been a big month for BeyondMC. Some key systems are now working, a huge amount of work has gone into building and quests for Kingdoms, and we’ve locked down some new ideas for our Prison, SMP, and Kingdoms server.

Survival (SMP)

Most of our posts here have been talking about the Kingdoms server, but that’s not the only server BeyondMC will have. The BeyondMC SMP server will be our idea of what Minecraft could be. So it’s not all out modded and sticks true to Minecraft. However, there are key changes.

  • We’re working on a simple, but complex, smithing system. A bit like how Tinkers works.
  • New tools like hammers and gauntlets have been added to the game, along with backpacks and a new block we’re calling the vault.
  • For kingdoms, we’re adding in new custom blocks and models. These blocks will also be found in our SMP server. Allowing you to be extra creative.

Over time we’ll keep adding our SMP server. With plans for new dimensions, mobs, and more. Our idea of BeyondMC is to add in ideas and features we’ve been wanting in Minecraft for years, but have never been added

Custom Stuff

This week we got custom blocks working, and our amazing artists have been cracking on adding new textures into the game. Every block here is a NEW block. They don’t replace current blocks. Everything added to our servers is new, nothing is replaced.


There has been some amazing progress on our Kingdoms server as well. After we sorted all the issues 1.17 caused, work has been cracking on at our beta locations Navi Isle and Haven’s Retreat.

We’re building out two smaller locations on the map to use as a Closed Beta test ground. Here we’ll be testing our quests, dungeons, and mechanics. The Beta will be run via our internal team first, but then we hope to open up beta applications so some of you can test it out. The beta locations are planned to be done by the end of next month, however, I must stress this doesn’t mean we’ll open applications then. Only letting you know this, so you can see we are really making progress in Kingdoms.

A Look At Prison

Next month we’ll be taking a real deep dive into how Prison, SMP, and Kingdoms will work. For now, we’ve posted some images of the Prison spawn, and some mines. All of the building in prison is now completed, and I can’t wait to show you more.

That’s all for this month if you would like to check out some more of our custom blocks, models, and amazing builds, I’ll leave some more images under this post.





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