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by | Oct 2, 2021 | Discord Posts

(First Posted 28/06/2021 D/M?Y)Last month we told you that we were now going to be doing monthly updates about BeyondMC and our Kingdoms server. This month has been a little slow, as we’ve been working on moving everything onto the 1.17 update. This came with some unforeseen headaches for both development and our build teams.

However, we still have some cool stuff to show you. One big thing about BeyondMC overall is the addition of new blocks and items into the game. So here is a little showcase of some of the decorative blocks we’ve added into our Kingdoms quest world. All of these are fully new objects in the game and don’t take the place of any current Minecraft blocks.

Every block we add, we want to feel like it should be in the game.

Custom GUIs

We’ve also done a lot of the foundation work this month. Working on getting custom GUIs working has been the main focus. For BeyondMC we don’t just want the classic items in a chest menu, we want all our GUIs to look like they fit in the game. Getting these working and not causing some horrific dupe bug is been a bit of a pain, but we got there in the end.

Custom AI

Another thing we’ve been hard at work on is our AI. NPCs for both the quest and survival world need to look intelligent, and they need to work how you would expect. Here is a showcase of just some basic pathing, but a massive step forward for our AI.

That’s all for this month, we didn’t get everything we wanted to be done due to the 1.17 issues, I hope we have a little more to show you next month.


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